Snake Charmer & The Belly Dancer are a mother/daughter collaboration based out of El Paso, Tx.   They have been performing together for over 16 years, both locally and internationally, continuously training with some of the most important and celebrated international instructors in the belly dance world.  Most of their training are in the areas of Tribal Fusion, American Cabaret, and Classic Egyptian. Snake Charmer and The Belly Dancer have a unique style they have classified as undefined, never limiting themselves to any style .
When they are not performing, training  and/or traveling  they co-teach a small group of boutique style classes in their own studios, Snake Charmer Studios I and II in Central El Paso.
Sonia and Senee’ are Co. directors of The Snake Charmer & The Belly Dancer Dance Co. and the elite troupe Awalim Blu, both successful performance troupes in the El Paso region .
Snake Charmer & The Belly Dancer produce “The Arabesque” their annual summer Gala Show and Workshop weekend in El Paso TX celebrated every July . “The Cat’s Meow ” dinner theater is their annual fall dinner show and workshop weekend celebrated every October in El Paso TX. Both shows feature some of the most important, international performers and instructors in the belly dance world. The workshops help provide quality instruction and training to the region.
The Tribal Café is celebrated in a variety of local cafe’s throughout the year showcasing local talent.




seneeavSenee’ is a licensed cosmetologist, belly dancer, instructor, and choreographer.  She has been trained by some of the most talented and well known regional and international teachers. She is constantly traveling and training in a variety of dance styles, yoga, and body movement . She is the main choreographer and costume designer of The Snake Charmer & The Belly Dancer Dance Co. and Awalim Blu troupes.




soniaavSonia has an MBA in Special Education and has been an educator for 9 years and an evaluator for 13 yrs. This has given her vast experience in correct teaching techniques. Born to a family of Musicians and composers, she was exposed to the world of entertainment from an early age. Her constant training and search for the most talented teachers to both learn from and bring to this region, have exposed her to the most renowned experts in the field of belly dance.