Sadie Adair and Lorena Martinez-Burr of the Desert Darlings from Albuquerque NM.

Bananas for Belly Dance !  A Tribute to Josephine Baker Workshop 11:15 to 1:15 Sat . Oct 27

Snake Charmer Studio II Central El Paso Tx.

$40 ea.

In this duo workshop, Sadie and Lorena explore the boundaries between funny and sexy, while adding their classic theatrical flair. Entering the mind of the influential and boundary-pushing Josephine Baker, the girls take her signature facial expressions and va-va-voom dance moves and make them their own. This choreography is suited for the adventurous beginner to the advanced dancer. Students will learn upbeat belly dance combinations and exciting theatrical exercises that can add a little extra pizazz to their performance.

Desert Darlings


 Moonlit Mirage Belly Dance (Erin and Johnny ) of Pueblo Co.

Sat. Oct 27 at Snake Charmer Studio II El Paso .

$40 ea .

Workshop #1 9am to 11am

Blast From The Past  

From Shaabi to Sharqi, From then to when… We will touch on some uncommonly known history and the authentic movements that give our dance its foundation, yet travels through time incorporating a modern flair.

Workshop #2 1:30 to 3:30

Folk Fusion: From The Middle East To America

Through this workshop we will take a journey of the evolution of movement from various  Middle Eastern styles to America and its diverse dance culture. We will learn proper etiquette and techniques for creating a fusion dance. A short choreography will be taught.

Moonlit Mirage

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